Thursday, November 01, 2012

Review: Seidio Innocell 3500mAh Super Extended Life Battery and Surface Extended Combo - SIII

We've all fallen in love with our Galaxy S III. What would have made our phones better? Extended battery life. Thanks to Seidio, they've provided us with the solution. I was relieved to find that the rubberized back was an added bonus. There has been much interest in this finish due to the sleek design of the factory back. 
If I ran the numbers right it, the battery has a 40% larger capacity while still maintaining the sleek design.

The total weight of the extended battery and case came out to 6.53 oz. Factory weight was 4.76 oz. 

The SURFACE Extended case is the standard SURFACE case in the Seidio line up. Straight and to the point. It's the minimalist case. It covers up the corners. It's nice and thin. 

Battery installed.

The hump in the back made the phone much easier to grip. The hump fell right into the palm of my hand. It didn't slide around like it did without it.

Fitment was dead on. I've been trying different back covers and the Seidio cover fits the best out of all the aftermarket covers I have tested. It's even all around without leaving any open gaps.

The SURFACE Extended case stays snug. You don't have to worry about the phone slipping out.

I was glad to see that Seidio took the time and made the case fit. You can see how accurate the openings are for the camera, speaker and flash.

The standard Seidio clip. Same as always. The top mechanism is still the same design we know and love. You never have to worry about it wearing down and cracking. It has the same spring design.


I'm in the wireless industry, so the the extra life is put to good use. The numbers do not lie. This is moderate use throughout the day. Maps was triggered by Google Now. I'm sure it would have last much longer without it. This would equate to almost  72 hours without a charge. I apologize I stopped at 49%. I will redo the test once I am settled back in. It's highly impressive from how it performed and I am content in this product.

MSRP: $69.95 for the Seidio Super Extended Battery available at the Seidio Online Store.
$49.95 for the SURFACE Extended Combo also available at the Seidio Online Store

I definitely recommend this extended battery. Seidio has always been there for me when it comes in terms of quality and reliability. NFC compatible battery is available for around $5 more. I've had their extended batteries on my Blackberry's and my Evo. So I'm sure this won't be the last! Tomorrow I am participating in a 12+ hour event, I am confident I won't have to worry about a charge during that time. I'm looking forward to showing off my new battery.  


Unknown said...

How thick is the phone with the Seidio battery installed? Trying to gauge how much extra thickness is added by this battery.

Chris Choi said...

Estimate of about 3/8's of an inch.

Tone Badelhas said...

Any new thoughts?

Chris Choi said...

Battery life lasts 3-4 times longer than stock OEM. Been tinkering with the phone and it can last even longer with the touch of a few settings.

I am still enjoying it. No negative thoughts to add.

AveDeus Photography said...

Hi Chris, thanks for the review. I saw you reviewed Draco S3 bumper before, do you think it will fit with the Seidio extended cover? Thanks so much.

Chris Choi said...

It does not fit.