DBA Cases

Founded to make extremely high end cases for affordable prices. We use the very best in materials in everything we make. Our Thin Grip is one of the lightest cases you can put on your phone. It fits like a glove and improves your grip dramatically. Our Ultra series of cases are made for maximum protection without hiding your phone behind layers of plastic.

Seidio Surface

Seidio’s SURFACE™ Extended Combo includes a SURFACE™ Extended case and SURFACE™ Extended holster. The SURFACE™ Extended case is thin and protects your Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy S III from scratches and drops, while adding minimal bulk. Slip the case into a secure spring-clip SURFACE™ Extended holster for the ultimate carrying solution for your Samsung Galaxy S III.

DRACOdesign S3

DRACO S3 Aesthetics and Mechanics are the fundamental design ingredients of "DRACO S3". "DRACO S3" is a CNC Machined Billet using the same grade of aluminum that airplanes, bicycle frames, and other highly stressed structural parts are made with. The simple but elegant design of “DRACO S3” is a masterpiece of craftsmanship with sophisticated engineering design for absorbing impact and distribute the energy around the bumper to protect your Galaxy S3.

Android 4.1, Jelly Bean

Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, is the fastest and smoothest version of Android yet. Jelly Bean improves on the simplicity and beauty of Android 4.0, and introduces a new Google search experience on Android.


DRACOdesign IV

DRACO EVO is engineered to highly reduce radio field interference. Research shows metal material may interfere with iPhone4/4S reception. By adopting composite materials of aluminum and polycarbonate, radio field interference is highly improved while the 2 textures in 2 different colors make this bumper truly stylish.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: Skinomi Protectors - SIII

Packaging is attractive and modern. 

I liked how conveniently the instructions were on the packaging. It puts them right in front of you so you remember to read them. 

Very basic kit, you get your quick how-to card, business card, cleaning cloth, screen protector and a squeegee. This is my new favorite squeegee.

Samsung Galaxy S III Screen Protector Features: 

  • • Toughest clear protective film in the market
  • • Clear protection that is virtually invisible
  • • Preserves your Samsung Galaxy S III's original design
  • • Protects your Samsung Galaxy S III from scratches, dents, and physical wear-and-tear
  • • Patented layer of UV protection for anti-yellowing
  • • Provides protection without affecting the functions of your Samsung Galaxy S III
  • • Non-sticky or restrictive outer surface

We're always on the hunt for the perfect screen protector. I must say Skinomi is ranked at the top of my list. It's not as soft as other wet applications. Minimal orange peel unlike the more expensive screen protectors. I feel more comfortable handing my phone to a child. 

It covers most of the screen and has the proper cut outs for the sensors and camera. The home button is cut out and not just cut straight down. 

The battery cover protectors were also a nice touch. I was glad to discover Skinomi uses high quality 3M products. Not a knock off brand like other competitors use to save some money. I haven't put one on yet due to my OCD. I just want to take my time. One of these will be up for the next giveaway!

MSRP of the Skinomi TechSkin is $11.95 and can be purchased for $9.95 from Amazon. The Skin Protectors come in 7 different styles. MSRP: $19.95 on the Skinomi Website. They can be found on Amazon for $18.94 shipped.

Customer Service response time was excellent and above average.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Review: Body Glove - SIII

Easy pop in and go case. It's one piece with anti-microbial material. I think that's just marketing. It's not like it repels germs are anything. In my non-scientific opinion, it's just so solid it doesn't absorb and retain germs? 

The ridges on the back are nice for grip. The back is not smooth and has a fine texture. I feel that a lot of gunk and dirt may build up, unless cleaned regularly. The bumps seem to provide good shock absorption

Embedded anti-microbial agent that prevents the growth of odor, stain-causing bacteria, and other microorganisms
I guess that means it doesn't repel. It can attract, but just prevent it from growing, stinking and staining? 

MSRP - $24.99, The Drop Suit is available in Black and Navy.

It's an average case. A little bulkier than most. The ridges are different. I don't think the design and style make it an attractive case. That is just my opinion as I am very peculiar about cases.

Review: Samsung Folio - SIII

Finally protects the camera. If only the OEM original back cover did this. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Motorola Photon Q

Got my hands on a Motorola Photon Q. Software Version 4.0.4. I assume it's still Motorola Blur because of how antique it seems. Not a fan. Massively bulky.

Keypad is nice. 

Why would you want the power button in the middle? 

The ESN / MEID is on the protective film. Once removed, you need the box. The downside is if you ever need your ESN/MEID, you don't have a way of finding it without the box or if the phone will not power on. You'd have to log into your Sprint account to retrieve it. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Review: DRACOdesign EVO - iPhone 4/4S

This case includes both a front and back screen protector. The front is an anti-glare film.

The top half is aluminum and the bottom half is poly-carbonate. This material aids with the radio interference.  

What impressed me was the detail with the vibrate switch. It's a separate piece of aluminum that you set in place. 

In the next two pictures you can see the accurate cut outs for all the open ports, mic and speakers.

MSRP: $79.99 and is available at  DRACOdesign in 6 different colors.

Congrats to our first give-away winner, Brandon Kuhn!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Kershaw Cryo - 1555TI

The wait is over! The Kershaw Cryo is finally here. The blade is 2.75" of 8Cr13MoV and the handle is Stainless Steel. Both are titanium carbo-nitride coated with a matte grey finish. The Pocket Clip can go either direction on either side.

The Cryo is a Hinderer design. This folder opens with the SpeedSafe Assisted Opening System. You have the choice of using the built-in Flipper or thumbstud. The framelock has very solid lock up. 

MSRP: $49.95 and is available at many on-line retailers. I highly recommend the Kershaw Guy.

Review: DRACOdesign S3 - SIII

30% off coupon code for the Draco S3 from DRACOdesign!


The Draco S3 is a PREMIUM aluminum case offered by DRACOdesign, made of aircraft grade A6061 aluminum. The fit and finish is far superior to all the other metal bumpers I have owned. It has very solid lock  up. The Flare Red finish is flawless, unlike its competitor's cases which included several imperfections and markings. 

The packaging alone is very nice. It looks clean and modern. I was impressed when receiving this in the mail. I felt bad for having to open up the box. 

Upon removing the case from its packaging I checked over the contents. I found what they called a Strap Cable. It's a convenient wrist strap that works as a micro-USB cable. You can connect it to the strap loop opening on the bottom right of the case.

When picking up the case, I notice a nice heft. It's not heavy. It's a comfortable weight and feels like a quality build. I was glad to find that the volume rocker and power button were made of aluminum as well. Inside there are rubber pads that keep the phone from direct contact with the aluminum case. The case fit very well in my hand. It did not have the boxy feeling of other metal bumpers.

Unlike other metal bumpers, I am able to lay this down and not worry about the camera. It's very flush, it seems to keep the camera off the surface. The opening ports are a good size. They are large enough to fit the OEM Samsung Data Cable. As I've complimented the finish of this case, the edges are rounded off. DRACOdesign really paid attention to the small details.

I have to say I am thoroughly impressed and I rate this case highly on my list. The minimalistic design and elegant looks have won me over.

MSRP: $89.99 and is available at DRACOdesign S3 Aluminum Bumper in 7 different colors.

It is worth the price and from past experiences I've learned to do it right the first time or buy multiple cases until you find the one you want. I am glad the right case came along early in the game this time.

Review: Gimmick Five Triobump - SIII

I started a search for Aluminum Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S III. This was the first and most talked about case on XDA. I checked it out and did some research. I settled on this one since it was fairly priced. If you do decide to purchase one, you want to verify that you get one with the holographic sticker in the top left of the packaging. 

The case is easy to install, it has a hassle-free snap-closure design. The downfall of the Triobump is the camera is exposed and sticks out farther than the case. There was some uneven pressure on the charging port. Some of my OEM Samsung USB Cables did not fit in the opening, others did but there were very tight. The opening would place pressure on the cable and you could see it going in at an angle. I became very selective as to which cables I would use. The volume rocker and power button are rubber and inside you will find little foam pads that keep the phone from direct contact with the aluminum.

It keeps enough space between the screen and any surface you lay it on.

MSRP: $39.99 and is available at GimmickFive Accessories in 8 different colors.

The GimmickFive Triobump is a great value for the price. It's easy and clean.

Review: Incipio SILICRYLIC - SIII

The SILICRYLIC Dual Pro is a hard outer shell with a silicone inner layer. It comes packed with the Incipio Vanity Kit, complete with the surface protector, applicator card and cleaning cloth. 

The camera cut out if deep and keeps the camera off any surface.

The front lip leaves enough space to keep the screen off any surface. I do feel that it could have been lifted more. Since it is silicone, it can be squeezed down.

MSRP: $29.99 and is available at Incipio SILICRYLIC DualPro in a variety of colors. There are also carrier and re-seller exclusive colors available.

The SILICRYLIC does protect the phone but does not offer optimal protection. The silicone flexes and it does not feel sturdy. 

Review: Otterbox Defender - SIII

I strongly do not like the cut out for the home button. All kinds of junk can slide in there. It wasn't really planned out too well. No one likes dust, dirt and lint between the screen protector and the screen.