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Founded to make extremely high end cases for affordable prices. We use the very best in materials in everything we make. Our Thin Grip is one of the lightest cases you can put on your phone. It fits like a glove and improves your grip dramatically. Our Ultra series of cases are made for maximum protection without hiding your phone behind layers of plastic.

Seidio Surface

Seidio’s SURFACE™ Extended Combo includes a SURFACE™ Extended case and SURFACE™ Extended holster. The SURFACE™ Extended case is thin and protects your Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy S III from scratches and drops, while adding minimal bulk. Slip the case into a secure spring-clip SURFACE™ Extended holster for the ultimate carrying solution for your Samsung Galaxy S III.

DRACOdesign S3

DRACO S3 Aesthetics and Mechanics are the fundamental design ingredients of "DRACO S3". "DRACO S3" is a CNC Machined Billet using the same grade of aluminum that airplanes, bicycle frames, and other highly stressed structural parts are made with. The simple but elegant design of “DRACO S3” is a masterpiece of craftsmanship with sophisticated engineering design for absorbing impact and distribute the energy around the bumper to protect your Galaxy S3.

Android 4.1, Jelly Bean

Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, is the fastest and smoothest version of Android yet. Jelly Bean improves on the simplicity and beauty of Android 4.0, and introduces a new Google search experience on Android.


DRACOdesign IV

DRACO EVO is engineered to highly reduce radio field interference. Research shows metal material may interfere with iPhone4/4S reception. By adopting composite materials of aluminum and polycarbonate, radio field interference is highly improved while the 2 textures in 2 different colors make this bumper truly stylish.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Review: Seidio VITREO™ - SIII

I was lucky to be able to demo a Seidio VITREO™ Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

Here is the description from their website:
Seidio's VITREO is a tempered glass material that utilizes advanced technology to shield and protect your Samsung Galaxy S III's screen. Made from a high grade glass with a 9H hardness rating, VITREO™ is shatterproof, allowing it to absorb more impact than your regular PET screen protector and prevent damage from occurring to your screen. The VITREO™ surface feels just like the device's screen without interfering with optical clarity while giving you an extraordinary level of protection. The design and lightweight material will provide peace of mind no matter what comes in contact with your device.

- High grade tempered glass with a 9H hardness rating prevents damage in the event of scratches and abrasions
- Tapered (rounded) edges provide a premium and more aesthetically enhanced profile for your device
- Engineered to reinforce the strength of the critical points of impact which results in prolonged durability
- Oleophobic coating resists marks and smudges with advanced technology that reduces the appearance of fingerprints
- Full panel protects the entire screen without leaving any portion exposed
- Allows touch sensitivity and enhances optical clarity
- Easy installation without bubbling and lifting  
- Only 0.55mm (0.02in) thin

- VITREO Screen Guard
- Microfiber Cloth
- Alcohol Wipe
- Plastic Pick
- 4 Home Button Stickers

The main thing I noticed was the Seidio VITREO™ is the strongest Tempered Glass Screen Protector available. The VITREO™ is rated at 9H with the hardest being 10H. 10H is equivalent to the strength of a diamond. After further research, I've learned that 9H is equivalent to a Sapphire which in turn happens to match the strength of Gorilla Glass. 

The Home Button Stickers are a great feature that the competitor's do not include. The Home Buttons are clear and come in 2 colors. Clear and blue. Packaging was easy to get out all the important contents and was neatly organized. The glass was protector by the packaging.

Sensitivity and screen response was great. It feels identical to the factory glass screen.
This also goes for the Menu, Home and Back button. Very responsive.

Screen is still vibrant. Doesn't take away the clarity like most plastic screen protectors.
This is the a great compromise for those who wants the stock screen feel without the plastic.
It does make the phone a little thicker, but I found this to be a huge advantage. I've always found the phone to be a little thin.

The edges of the VITREO are tapered. This was done to reduce the screen from snagging.

Fits the ACTIVE® as promised.

Seidio does not guarantee compatibility with cases from other manufacturer's. But you can see here, Seidio has come up with the perfect amount of screen coverage. They left enough room to be compatible with other cases. Picture is a bumper.

The VITREO™ is available in Black and White. MSRP is $39.95.

The VITREO™ is also available for iPhone 5 and iPad.

Highly recommended. This has taken my top spot for screen protectors. I was hesitant to remove my Spigen Curved Crystal, but I am happy I did.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: Seidio Active Combo with Kickstand - Note II

Seidio has done it again! Seidio is well known for their line of high quality cases.
They are well known for their Surface and Covert cases. They also just released the OBEX system that protects the phone from water, dust, snow, sand, mud and other liquids. 

What we are reviewing today is their Active Combo with Metal Kickstand. It's the perfect case for active lifestyles without adding unnecessary bulk while maintaining maximum protection. It's dual-layered with an inside layer of polymer for grip and an outer hard shell for impact protection. 

The rubber like polymer does not attract as much dust as the lower end cases. This is a true premium feature I have always favored from Seidio. The hard shell also had their signature rubberized feel. Both items of the dual-layer system have a premium feel and are soft to the touch.

The kickstand has a little magnet that holds it in. The finish is great and stable. It's a solid case.

The spring holster is the holster we've all come to know and love. They carried over the rugged design with all their holsters. It features excellent retention and will not snap on you like other holsters. It features an adjustable swivel clip that will rotate a fluid 360 degrees.

The Seidio Active Combo is only $54.95. 
The Seidio Active Case is available as a stand alone product for $34.95.
The Seidio Active Holster is available separately for $29.95.

Highly recommended. Another Seidio product that will gain much popularity due to quality and function.
I have yet to be let down by Seidio's products as they have always been in my top 3 case companies. I always wait for Seidio to offer me a solution.

I will also be working on a video review for this case. Keep an eye out for it. I'll post a link when it's finished.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Review: DBA Cases Complete Ultra - SIII

DBA Cases is running a Veterans Day sale! This sale is being run on November 11 - 12, 2012. 
Coupon Code: Vet2012 for 25% off your entire order!

Today, I am reviewing the Ultra Case. With the Thin Grip being my daily case, I was glad to see there was something out there with the same material with even more protection! What's even better is there are a total of 35 different color combinations available. Talk about options! On top of all that, Scott @ DBA Cases practices the best personal customer service experience I have seen in this line of business.
DBA Cases is still growing and needs everyone's support. The prices are more than fair and his products cost far less than some high end companies charge for the same or less protection.  What they have done that is completely different is have a two part protective case where you can choose the colors to suit your taste.  There are 7 colors of TPU available and 5 colors of Polycarbonate.  You can by any of these for just $12.50 each.  Should you want to vary your case colors you can buy any of these separately and change the look anytime you want.

The TPU has a glossy finish on the outside and matte finish on the inside. There is very grippy texture on the sides.  One of the ways DBA Cases protects your phone is to put a good grip on everything they make.  The less you drop it the better.  This is the inside layer of the two part case.

The outside shell, also known as the Ultra PC is the same material as the Thin Grip.Made of an extremely high end polycarbonate it flexes when dropped.  This is the first part of the case that will take an impact, the TPU inside is the second and easily absorbs any leftover shock the outer shell does not.  What is extremely nice is that should the outside shell crack you can replace it for just $12.50 rather than the full cost of a new case. An exclusive feature found in the DBA Cases lineup is the cut out of the camera and speaker openings. It also does an excellent job at keeping the camera off the surfaces you may lay your phone on. Again, the finish is high end. It is very resilient.

This case is very lightweight and comes in under an oz. Very minimal and not bulky.

Here is a quick review on YouTube. 

The Complete Ultra is $24.99. The Ultra PC is $12.50. Lastly, the Ultra TPU is also $12.50. 

Facebook - DBA Cases

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Review: Seidio Innocell 3500mAh Super Extended Life Battery and Surface Extended Combo - SIII

We've all fallen in love with our Galaxy S III. What would have made our phones better? Extended battery life. Thanks to Seidio, they've provided us with the solution. I was relieved to find that the rubberized back was an added bonus. There has been much interest in this finish due to the sleek design of the factory back. 
If I ran the numbers right it, the battery has a 40% larger capacity while still maintaining the sleek design.

The total weight of the extended battery and case came out to 6.53 oz. Factory weight was 4.76 oz. 

The SURFACE Extended case is the standard SURFACE case in the Seidio line up. Straight and to the point. It's the minimalist case. It covers up the corners. It's nice and thin. 

Battery installed.

The hump in the back made the phone much easier to grip. The hump fell right into the palm of my hand. It didn't slide around like it did without it.

Fitment was dead on. I've been trying different back covers and the Seidio cover fits the best out of all the aftermarket covers I have tested. It's even all around without leaving any open gaps.

The SURFACE Extended case stays snug. You don't have to worry about the phone slipping out.

I was glad to see that Seidio took the time and made the case fit. You can see how accurate the openings are for the camera, speaker and flash.

The standard Seidio clip. Same as always. The top mechanism is still the same design we know and love. You never have to worry about it wearing down and cracking. It has the same spring design.


I'm in the wireless industry, so the the extra life is put to good use. The numbers do not lie. This is moderate use throughout the day. Maps was triggered by Google Now. I'm sure it would have last much longer without it. This would equate to almost  72 hours without a charge. I apologize I stopped at 49%. I will redo the test once I am settled back in. It's highly impressive from how it performed and I am content in this product.

MSRP: $69.95 for the Seidio Super Extended Battery available at the Seidio Online Store.
$49.95 for the SURFACE Extended Combo also available at the Seidio Online Store

I definitely recommend this extended battery. Seidio has always been there for me when it comes in terms of quality and reliability. NFC compatible battery is available for around $5 more. I've had their extended batteries on my Blackberry's and my Evo. So I'm sure this won't be the last! Tomorrow I am participating in a 12+ hour event, I am confident I won't have to worry about a charge during that time. I'm looking forward to showing off my new battery.