Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: DRACOdesign S3 - SIII

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The Draco S3 is a PREMIUM aluminum case offered by DRACOdesign, made of aircraft grade A6061 aluminum. The fit and finish is far superior to all the other metal bumpers I have owned. It has very solid lock  up. The Flare Red finish is flawless, unlike its competitor's cases which included several imperfections and markings. 

The packaging alone is very nice. It looks clean and modern. I was impressed when receiving this in the mail. I felt bad for having to open up the box. 

Upon removing the case from its packaging I checked over the contents. I found what they called a Strap Cable. It's a convenient wrist strap that works as a micro-USB cable. You can connect it to the strap loop opening on the bottom right of the case.

When picking up the case, I notice a nice heft. It's not heavy. It's a comfortable weight and feels like a quality build. I was glad to find that the volume rocker and power button were made of aluminum as well. Inside there are rubber pads that keep the phone from direct contact with the aluminum case. The case fit very well in my hand. It did not have the boxy feeling of other metal bumpers.

Unlike other metal bumpers, I am able to lay this down and not worry about the camera. It's very flush, it seems to keep the camera off the surface. The opening ports are a good size. They are large enough to fit the OEM Samsung Data Cable. As I've complimented the finish of this case, the edges are rounded off. DRACOdesign really paid attention to the small details.

I have to say I am thoroughly impressed and I rate this case highly on my list. The minimalistic design and elegant looks have won me over.

MSRP: $89.99 and is available at DRACOdesign S3 Aluminum Bumper in 7 different colors.

It is worth the price and from past experiences I've learned to do it right the first time or buy multiple cases until you find the one you want. I am glad the right case came along early in the game this time.


Saauron said...

Do you know if this case would be compatible with the xGear Spectre glass screen protector?

Chris Choi said...

I don't think it does as the bumper sits very close to the edge. Fitment is tight.