Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: Seidio Active Combo with Kickstand - Note II

Seidio has done it again! Seidio is well known for their line of high quality cases.
They are well known for their Surface and Covert cases. They also just released the OBEX system that protects the phone from water, dust, snow, sand, mud and other liquids. 

What we are reviewing today is their Active Combo with Metal Kickstand. It's the perfect case for active lifestyles without adding unnecessary bulk while maintaining maximum protection. It's dual-layered with an inside layer of polymer for grip and an outer hard shell for impact protection. 

The rubber like polymer does not attract as much dust as the lower end cases. This is a true premium feature I have always favored from Seidio. The hard shell also had their signature rubberized feel. Both items of the dual-layer system have a premium feel and are soft to the touch.

The kickstand has a little magnet that holds it in. The finish is great and stable. It's a solid case.

The spring holster is the holster we've all come to know and love. They carried over the rugged design with all their holsters. It features excellent retention and will not snap on you like other holsters. It features an adjustable swivel clip that will rotate a fluid 360 degrees.

The Seidio Active Combo is only $54.95. 
The Seidio Active Case is available as a stand alone product for $34.95.
The Seidio Active Holster is available separately for $29.95.

Highly recommended. Another Seidio product that will gain much popularity due to quality and function.
I have yet to be let down by Seidio's products as they have always been in my top 3 case companies. I always wait for Seidio to offer me a solution.

I will also be working on a video review for this case. Keep an eye out for it. I'll post a link when it's finished.


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Could you please let me know if the kickstand will hold the phone up in portrait (vertical) position?

Thanks in advance,