Sunday, November 11, 2012

Review: DBA Cases Complete Ultra - SIII

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Today, I am reviewing the Ultra Case. With the Thin Grip being my daily case, I was glad to see there was something out there with the same material with even more protection! What's even better is there are a total of 35 different color combinations available. Talk about options! On top of all that, Scott @ DBA Cases practices the best personal customer service experience I have seen in this line of business.
DBA Cases is still growing and needs everyone's support. The prices are more than fair and his products cost far less than some high end companies charge for the same or less protection.  What they have done that is completely different is have a two part protective case where you can choose the colors to suit your taste.  There are 7 colors of TPU available and 5 colors of Polycarbonate.  You can by any of these for just $12.50 each.  Should you want to vary your case colors you can buy any of these separately and change the look anytime you want.

The TPU has a glossy finish on the outside and matte finish on the inside. There is very grippy texture on the sides.  One of the ways DBA Cases protects your phone is to put a good grip on everything they make.  The less you drop it the better.  This is the inside layer of the two part case.

The outside shell, also known as the Ultra PC is the same material as the Thin Grip.Made of an extremely high end polycarbonate it flexes when dropped.  This is the first part of the case that will take an impact, the TPU inside is the second and easily absorbs any leftover shock the outer shell does not.  What is extremely nice is that should the outside shell crack you can replace it for just $12.50 rather than the full cost of a new case. An exclusive feature found in the DBA Cases lineup is the cut out of the camera and speaker openings. It also does an excellent job at keeping the camera off the surfaces you may lay your phone on. Again, the finish is high end. It is very resilient.

This case is very lightweight and comes in under an oz. Very minimal and not bulky.

Here is a quick review on YouTube. 

The Complete Ultra is $24.99. The Ultra PC is $12.50. Lastly, the Ultra TPU is also $12.50. 

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