Saturday, September 29, 2012

Review: XGear Spectre and XGRS4 - SIII

All this talk about tempered glass had me intrigued. Thought might as well acquire a case from XGear while I was at it. 

Very simple. Peel, line up, stick and pop in to the case.

Examining the screen protector, I noticed that only the while parts have adhesive on the back. The center touch areas are just suspended. The space between the screens gives it a tacky feel. Not to touch, but the glass on glass contact. Sometimes it does have glass on glass contact and it shows that oily rainbow pattern.

Here you can see the raised edge. It's not too high, but it may have issues with other cases that wrap around for a deeper fit. One of the things that worries me about the Spectre is dust and debri. Pocket lint did fill the gap within 15 minutes. Didn't effect it, but it was highly noticeable on a white phone.

The proximity sensor is a little off or it just doesn't like the glass. I was in a call and could not get the screen back on. I had to wait until they hung up before I regained control of my phone. This was a huge inconvenience. After a couple calls, I had to remove it. The power button and volume buttons were completely unresponsive.

The clarity of the screen protector is excellent. Just like glass. 

The aluminum finish on the XGRS4 is a nice touch. Has a premium feel. Case fit very well. Gives the phone a much more solid feel while offering the phone protection.

MSRP: Spectre is $29.99 and the XGRS4 is $19.99. 
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