Monday, September 10, 2012

Review: Spigen SGP Curved Glass and Valentinus - SIII

The cases I am getting to review are just getting better and better. The quality of the Spigen SGP cases are superb. None of the other dry application screen protectors fit. But Spigen SGP came to save us. The Valentinus I review is Vintage Brown.

The Curved Crystal Screen Protector includes: 
Two Steinheil Curved Crystal Screen Protectors, a micro-fiber cloth and a squeegee.

This is the Curve Crystal Screen Protector applied. It was easier than I thought. Just line it up and lay it down. Squeegee like normal.

 Cut-outs are accurate. Camera does not show signs of interference.

Room for 3 cards and some bills.  

MSRP: $15.99 Curved Crystal 
$39.99 - $54.99 Valentinus Wallet Case - Available in 8 different variations.


Tone Badelhas said...

What was your favorite protector until now, curved crystal?

Chris Choi said...

They all have there pro's and con's.
Cheap Chinese ones just don't fit. They lift around the edges. Skinomi was nice, much better than the Xtreme Guard and ZAGG.
I'd say Curved Crystal is #1 on my list. Skinomi is #2. All the others have not impressed me. Xtreme Guard is nice if you want to save a couple bucks. They have their buy 3 get 80% promotion again.

I have one more screen protector coming shortly. Might be a top contender.