Friday, September 21, 2012

Review: DBA Cases Thin Grip - SIII

This review is quick and dirty. I was lucky to receive a case from DBA Cases. I didn't think I'd like the case, but I was wrong. There is no bulk and the Thin Grip resolves the slippery phone issue. This case is now my daily.

The case is made with the same material found in bullet resistant glass and materials in a F22 Fighter Jet cockpit. I questioned this, but with a little bit of flexing, it was there. The cuts and finish are next to flawless. One of the best I've seen so far. The case does lock in place, so you don't have to worry about it falling offer like other cases.

There is enough room for the edges to keep the screen off the surface you put it down on. You can see that the button cut outs are very generous and easy to use. I would have prefer the logo be on the inside for a cleaner look, but that's just my preference. The soft finish seems to hold up. Hopefully it doesn't peel like other cases. 

Using "Olympics" on your order will give you 20% off!

This is one case that I am adding to my personal collection. I'm really like how thin the case is. It's not as flimsy as the Feather cases. I don't see it cracking like they do. 

The case is $21.99 at DBA Cases. It is available in Black, Blue Slate, Maroon, Silver and Snow.

DBA Cases also offers an impressive screen protector. Just Like Glass

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Christopher LeBlanc said...

This looks like a great lightweight case, thanks for the detailed review/pics!

Ethan Byrne said...

looks nice! do want.

Anonymous said...

That looks pretty slick. I could see myself using that case as a daily driver.

Cole Markusen said...

Looks like a great durable little case. Very impressive. Love the style. Thanks for sharing.

Scott Weiner said...
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Scott Weiner said...

The site has some issues with the coupon code not working. It's been fixed.

We had to roll it back so if you see any issues feel free to email

All of the colors are great - my personal favorite is the silver on a white phone. Then again I change the color every few days.

DBA Cases

Joe said...

Looks like a nice case with a great fit. Does it offer and protection against dropping or other damage?damage

Scott Weiner said...

It's a minimal protection case. It will protect from scratches and from laying the phone face down.

It offers more protection than other cases that are similar because the quality of polycarbonate is so high it bends rather than breaks. So it acts more like a car bumper.

If you want a real nice protective case look at the Ultra - it only weighs an ounce and offers maximum protection. It uses some of the same materials as the Thin Grip and has an amazing fit an finish.


Marcin Czado said...

Thanks for review. Case seems to be nice and "gripy". I agree that logo should be hidden or smaller. Me gusta:)

Marcin Czado said...

Thanks for review. Case seems to be nice and "gripy". I agree that logo should be hidden or smaller. Me gusta:)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to win this case for my Galaxy S3.

Joe Rico said...

Looks like a combo between the Elago Breath and G5 Slim which is my current fav.

Joe Rico said...

Didn't notice the bezel cutouts over the side buttons. I'd like to see this case with the bezel areas filled in and 3 tight holes on the back instead of the one large opening. Do that drop the price and I'll take one.